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7 Biggest Mistakes When Making Sales Calls - audiobook
7 Biggest Mistakes When Making Sales Calls - audiobook
Autor: Długość nagrania: 00:26:00
Wydawca: Matrix Digital Publishing Język publikacji: angielski
ISBN: 978-1-84839-070-6 Data wydania:
Kategoria: audiobooki angielskie >> biznes i gospodarka
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You need customers but don't know how to get them.

You do NOT want: gurus talking in lofty terms about having the right attitude, understanding psychology and other great sounding but ultimately unhelpful theories.

You do want: a SIMPLE, practical guide on how to sell over the phone or how to arrange meetings that you can convert to sales. No gimmicks. No tricks. No nonsense.

And you want it written by someone who has been successfully selling and managing sales people for years (preferably decades).

The 7 Biggest Mistakes When Making a Sales Call or Meeting is exactly that. In it you will be taken through the seven basic steps of how to select your target market, prepare for a call, create an irresistible angle, get all the information you need from the customer, present your product or service and close the sale.

It's written by David Ryder who has 20 years' experience of field and telesales. He's broken company records while selling in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America. He's sold to everyone from garage mechanics to the world's richest lawyers and bankers. He's developed a system that he himself has used and honed. It's simple and it works.

This book is part of the Golden Rules series breaking the whole sales process into easy bite-size chunks.

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7 Biggest Mistakes When Making Sales Calls

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