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Cats in the Belfry - audiobook
Cats in the Belfry - audiobook
Autor: Długość nagrania: 03:40:00
Wydawca: Matrix Digital Publishing Język publikacji: angielski
ISBN: 978-1-84839-122-2 Data wydania:
Kategoria: audiobooki angielskie >> biografie
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It wasn’t that Sugieh was particularly wicked. It was just that she was a Siamese.’

Animal lovers Doreen Tovey and her husband acquire their first Siamese kitten to rid themselves of an invasion of mice. But Sugieh is not just any cat. She’s an actress, a prima donna, an iron hand in a delicate, blue-pointed glove. Sugieh quickly establishes herself as queen of the house.

First published over forty years ago, this warm, witty and moving story has never gone out of style; a truly enjoyable read for anyone who’s ever been owned by a cat.

Doreen Tovey has written over a dozen books, which have sold over 100,000 copies in eight countries.

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Cats in the Belfry

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