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Entrepreneurship - The Seeds of Success - audiobook
Entrepreneurship - The Seeds of Success - audiobook
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Wydawca: Matrix Digital Publishing Język publikacji: angielski
ISBN: 978-1-84839-090-4 Data wydania:
Kategoria: audiobooki angielskie >> biznes i gospodarka
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Challenge the normally accepted limits of ''what is possible'' in business

Entrepreneurship is usually associated with individuals and small companies. Yet it is the successful entrepreneurs who develop businesses into large corporations - their spirit, leadership and determination lead to great things.

In this book John Forbat, serial entrepreneur, covers:

- Characteristics you will need to succeed.

- Issues that start-ups face.

- The TASK principle and the 4 T's.

- Management and company politics.

- Spotting unrecognised markets.

- Convincing people that the ''cure for which there is no ill'' does have an ill.

- The importance of R&D and how it doesn't have to cost thousands.

- How necessity can be a real mother of invention.

and much more!

Also included are case studies which provide fascinating insights into how the author: operated a company on two continents (without capital!); turned a company facing insolvency into a takeover target; and managed to turn a good business plan and a relatively small amount of credit into a company with profits of $200,000 p.a.

The down to earth ideas and experiences related in this book make it essential reading for all budding entrepreneurs and those already in business.

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Entrepreneurship - The Seeds of Success

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