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On the Road with Suzy: From Cat to Companion - audiobook
On the Road with Suzy: From Cat to Companion - audiobook
Autor: Długość nagrania: 6:58:1
Wydawca: Heraclon International Język publikacji: polski
ISBN: 978-83-8146-417-8 Data wydania:
Lektor: Melanie Flores
Kategoria: audiobooki >> dokument, literatura faktu, reportaże
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“On the Road with Suzy: From Cat to Companion” is a delightful memoir chronicling a woman and her beloved cat Suzy who becomes not just a pet, but a true companion. From the first day Suzy enters the lives of Aleksandra and her husband Norman she makes an impact with her tortoise-shell long-haired fur and huge amber eyes.  Little do Aleksandra and Norman know that they would soon be trying to find homes for her litter of kittens. As an animal lover, Aleksandra fosters other strays she meets up with, which Suzy is not always happy about. Aleksandra corresponds with her friend, fellow animal enthusiast and pet owner, Ewa about their animals’ predicaments, from illnesses to funny incidents. Suzy also becomes probably the most well-travelled cat ever known as she travels with Aleksandra and Norman through the United States, Europe, and Aleksandra’s homeland, Poland.

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On the Road with Suzy: From Cat to Companion

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