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The Unofficial Facebooker’s Social Survival Guide - audiobook
The Unofficial Facebooker’s Social Survival Guide - audiobook
Autor: , Długość nagrania: 01:34:00
Wydawca: Matrix Digital Publishing Język publikacji: angielski
ISBN: 978-1-84839-083-6 Data wydania:
Kategoria: audiobooki angielskie >> poradniki
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Ever woken from a night of revelry to find your drunken antics the subject of a tagfest? Ever accidentally wall-posted yourself into a relationship row or been hunted by a school-days stalker? If your real social life is dying a death at the hands of your virtual one, fear not, Facebookers - help is just a little book away.This cheeky unofficial guide will show you how to navigate the perilous pitfalls of life online while having as much fun as possible.

Get to grips with tags, pokes, requests and posts, and work them to your advantage. Tips and hints include how to:

tag your way out of a bad relationship

poke and post without stalking

keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Whether you're a Facebook virgin or an application addict, you won't want to log in without this book.

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The Unofficial Facebooker’s Social Survival Guide

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