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Ana s Dream Land - ebook/pdf
Ana s Dream Land - ebook/pdf
Autor: Liczba stron: 16
Wydawca: E-bookowo Język publikacji: polski
ISBN: 978-8-3785-9861-9 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> dla dzieci i młodzieży >> bajki
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'Ana's Dream Land' it is a children's storybook about little girl Ana, which runs away from her real life in the land of the dream and imagination. Facing challenges, Ana realizes that real life is better than dreams, and she can appreciate everyday life and enjoy every moment for real. This book is for kids 5-8 years old.

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In her dream, Ana met with her friends – wonderful beings with copper hair and silver stars for freckles – and together they played games and had fun all night long. Ana’s best friend was Elai. He was the most remarkable of them all, and always the saddest when there was time for Ana to wake up. Ana spent the nights travelling with her friends through incredible caramel valleys, playing on meringue meadows, taking winding paths down strawberry hills, and never, not even for one moment, was she bored. Together, they felt blissful and joyous – they could talk about anything and everything, and they were never sad. Ana’s parents did not have to remind Ana it was time to go to sleep any more. Every evening the girl hurried to her little bathroom to brush her teeth, then she kissed her mum and dad goodnight and gleefully ran towards her bedroom. Then one day she fell asleep and to her surprise found no caramel valleys and no raspberry fields – only impenetrable darkness all around her. The grass under Ana’s feet slithered and tangled with gigantic stems of black ivy rising high in the air, and there was hissing and screeching oozing in the darkness. There was no one around. Neither Elai nor any other friends. ‘Where am I?’ – asked Ana frightened and without much hope to hear the answer. She was just about to take a step forward when she saw a bleak wrinkled face staring at her from the large ivy bundle, hanging above Ana’s head. ‘Welcome to your nightmare!’ – the face shrieked and grinned ominously, which made it look even more wrinkled. Ana took a step back and asked in a terrified voice: ‘Where is my favourite fairy-tale dream? My friends are waiting for me!’. The face grinned again and said: ‘You must find Snegeria, the queen of dreams. A long, long time ago she was an ordinary girl who hated getting up in the morning. And one day she decided to stay here forever and she became the queen of this land of dreams. You’ll find her at the bottom of your deepest dream’.
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Ana s Dream Land

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