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Slimming with the elements of physiology and biochemistry - ebook/pdf
Slimming with the elements of physiology and biochemistry - ebook/pdf
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Aleksander Nowak – biotechnologist and hygiene-physiology expert. In his guidebook he will show how to get slim and not to get sick at the same time. By simple means Aleksander will teach you about the physiological and biochemical aspects of losing weight. Once having read the book, you will know how our organism gets energy from the food, how to compose our diet according to the needs and condition of our body as well as how to practice physical activity sensibly. Moreover, you will also know, dear Reader, where the muscle stiffness comes from and how to exercise in order to achieve measurable slimming effects and a better frame of mind. In this short guidebook, you will certainly find precious tips as for the natural ingredients which should become a part of your daily diet to help you get slim and healthy since slimming should be reasonable, pleasant and… cheap!
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Aleksander Nowak SLIMMING WITH THE ELEMENTS OF PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY A guidebook for those of you who’d like to get slim but not necessarily get sick Copyright © 2016 Aleksander Nowak Translation into English: Marta Janiak ISBN: 978-83-7859-638-7 Poznan 2016 Edition I Table of contents: Note from the author ________________________________________________________ 3 Introduction _______________________________________________________________ 4 Why do we put on weight? ____________________________________________________ 5 Obesity - what does it mean? __________________________________________________ 7 Methods of the right weight measurement __________________________________________ 7 BMI _______________________________________________________________________________ 7 Percentage content of the fatty tissue _____________________________________________________ 8 Metabolism _______________________________________________________________ 10 BMR _____________________________________________________________________________ 10 How to determine the right caloric balance________________________________________________ 11 Don’t forget to give your metabolism a kick_______________________________________________ 13 Basic metabolic pathways _____________________________________________________________ 15 Types of fatty tissue__________________________________________________________________ 17 Diet: what’s true and what’s a lie _____________________________________________ 19 Dukan Diet_________________________________________________________________________ 19 Cambridge Diet _____________________________________________________________________ 19 Tapeworm Diet _____________________________________________________________________ 20 Atkins Diet_________________________________________________________________________ 20 Kwasniewski Diet ___________________________________________________________________ 20 Rainbow Diet_______________________________________________________________________ 21 Copenhagen Diet ____________________________________________________________________ 21 Astronauts’ Diet_____________________________________________________________________ 22 One Ingredient Diet __________________________________________________________________ 22 Chromium Supplements Diet __________________________________________________________ 22 Diet - the nutritional know - how______________________________________________ 25 Pillars of our diet______________________________________________________________ 25 Fats ______________________________________________________________________________ 25 Carbohydrates ______________________________________________________________________ 26 Proteins ___________________________________________________________________________ 26 Vitamins __________________________________________________________________________ 26 Minerals___________________________________________________________________________ 27 Balanced diet _________________________________________________________________ 28 Role of water _________________________________________________________________ 32 What to eat to be fit - secrets of good digestion ____________________________________________ 35 Probiotics - keep your doctor away! _____________________________________________________ 38 Your herbal supporters ________________________________________________________ 40 Get wet not to get fat________________________________________________________ 45 Diet and training - a sample menu ____________________________________________ 50 Your Kick from Above ______________________________________________________ 51 Your Slimming Decalogue___________________________________________________ 53 Literature ________________________________________________________________ 54 2 You must have heard it more than once that getting fit can be easily achieved by Note from the author There are hundreds of people who suffer from obesity and no matter how much they try to deny it, their silhouettes are no longer just a little bit fluffy. Everyone can see there is much more fatty tissue than should ever be and that’s not without an effect on the organism. Not only are their internal organs heavily damaged, but also their whole body and what many people somehow force out of their thoughts – their psyche and well-being alike. For it leads them straight to a downgraded life quality, fallible health and an early grave, too. So, what is the sense of suffering in silence, though if there are methods astonishingly effective, yet not very expensive at the same time? Fear makes things twice as great as they are, and once you’ve started the slimming machine, you’ll see that’s not so scary at all. miraculous diets, costly pills or even slimming panties. There are also methods which are of a quite controversial nature, no mistake, such as a silicone balloon in your belly, filled with physiological salt to reduce your appetite. Both time and money thrown down the drain. I know, that you will think I’m gonna encourage you to dump your cookie in the favour of a walk with a friend of yours. That’s an obvious fact, yet not particularly effective. My mission is to teach you some vital stuff about the biochemistry and physiology of our metabolism. I want to show you how to control your calorie portion per day, how to draw up a good and balanced diet (I mean the nutrition way now, not the food regime) and how to prompt your metabolism. Thus, it’s actually all about being aware of the processes taking place within our bodies and seeing with your own eyes that those magical pills which are supposed to help you lose weight are in truth a big fat lie. The same as all those diets are, in fact. My book will show you how the organism gets energy through food products and what you should eat to provide your body with everything it needs. Once you’ve read the book, you will not avoid physical activity for the fear of getting muscle stiffness. You’ll become a conscious sportsman, capable of choosing such exercises which will help you feel slimmer, feel better, yet not feel sore, by any means. However, your diet shall become much more varied and reasonable as well. ‘Cause it’s clear enough that the good old Mother Nature knows what’s beneficial for us, only we must be willing to listen carefully to her voice, right? It’s high time to abolish myths and painful consent. Slimming should consist of deliberate steps, with smile on our lips and pennies in our purse. Just have a look. There’s gotta be more to life than believing empty illusions.... 3 Introduction The hustle and bustle of the modern life are literally killing us all. There’s no longer time to think about what we eat, what our physiology and genetics are telling us and what’s hidden there inside our body. Yet, we must pay close attention to the fact that all of these civilizational changes which on one hand move us ahead in the technical development, also bring us closer to the bitter end of life, since the world around us has a painful impact on the quality of our food and habits. We process the nutritional ingredients more and more. Alright, that’s what you call a progress, but I’m not sure our organism would be of a similar optimism, should it have a chance to speak out. Then, most obviously we learn more and more for a better tomorrow and undoubtedly leave our grandfathers far away behind with our achievements, yet there’s a price to pay for that, too. No physical activity, being closed in four walls, the lack of contact with the nature. Eating rubbish, as long as it tastes good and does not cost much. We’re like computers programmed to cross the limits and overcome the borders of our own capabilities, but… Forget about a sane mind if your body does not function well. A sound mind in a sound body – that’s what our grannies taught us. And they were right! Believe it or not, but I want to help you. I want to make your life easier, happier and longer. Difficult as it may seem, it really requires little attention and not so many efforts to stay fit. I’ll have a try to show you some methods to achieve the goal, with simultaneous explaining their relation to our physiology and biochemistry. No pseudo-academical stuff. Only understandable, comprehensible truth. My tips, tables, schemas and charts will make the whole issue surprisingly simple. For it is never too late to make a good choice ‘bout your diet. At the end of every chapter there will be a short summary with the most significant info. You will find there also an example of the day with diet and physical activity. The last chapter will show you some kind of a decaloque concerning those slimming principles which are actually impossible to get round. 4 Why do we put on weight? We ask ourselves this awkward question, actually with no answer whatsoever, almost every day. Most obviously, each person has been given some genetic construction chosen for us by nature, yet let’s focus on these factors we may have an influence on, that is: on the environmental factors such as lifestyle, especially a good diet and a proper physical activity. The man is genetically accustomed to having low processed meals and a good amount of physical activity. Alas! We often forget it! The problem of obesity, intensified as it is now, is a clear result of the rapid progress our civilization has made. And the changes taking place are quicker than we are, as far adapting is concerned. Seduced by various conveniences this world has to offer, we literally get lost. At the beginning of the 20th century, we still used our own muscles, our hands to work, and our diet was not very modified. Today, for even a few metres we need a vehicle, and our meals are more chemistry than nature. Barely two generations or so, and so much has changed. Only our poor organisms haven’t managed to cope with it yet. From the physiological point of view, the lack of physical activity and bad eating habits lead to overweight. Namely, there’s a difference in the balance between the taken food and the need for food. If we eat too much, the excess creates fatty tissue. Obese people are prone to avoid any physical effort, which reduces their healthy muscular tissue. Being passive, they have little endorphins and therefore a lower mood. Thereby our self-esteem gets down and our stress level up. Looking for a rescue, we reach for sweets. If we feel sad or depressed, a bar of chocolate is enough to lift us up high. Most of us are little aware of the fact that the human organism produces various organic compounds which are responsible for either a good or a bad mood. These are for instance endorphins, serotonin, melatonin or dopamine, which mean hormones of happiness. As it turns out, we may increase their level by having a sweet. The results are easy to predict. If we treat our sorrow in this way too often, it’s a direct path towards obesity. So, we have a system which stimulates on its own and creates the so called feedback to be seen in the fig.1. Is there a method which can stop this crazy roller coaster? Of course there is. Believe it or not, but we may even reverse the process, not only stop it. A moderate amount of physical activity, low expense and a smile on your face – that’s how we do it in the 21st century! My guidebook will teach you how. 5 Figure 1 – obesity – negative feedback Too little physical Too many calories in activity your diet Increased amount of the fatty tissue Increased amount of the fatty tissue Snacks as a way to alleviate stress or sorrow Worse physical condition Avoiding physical activity Fewer endorphins Lower self-esteem Worse frame of mind 6
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Slimming with the elements of physiology and biochemistry

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