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The Riddle of the Spinning Wheel - ebook/epub
The Riddle of the Spinning Wheel - ebook/epub
Autor: Liczba stron:
Wydawca: Język publikacji: polski
ISBN: 9788381624817 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> kryminał, sensacja, thriller
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Hamilton Cleek is a renaissance man for the ages: an intellectual giant with the brawn of ten men, he serves as a consulting detective, often helping Scotland Yard with particularly challenging cases. With the power to distort and transform his visage and mimic any mannerism he desires, Cleek, with the assistance of his cockney assistant „Dollops”, makes a super natural detective! In „The Riddle of the Spinning Wheel”, a young woman concerned that the turmoil in her family could lead to her father’s murder seeks help from Mr. Cleek of Scotland Yard. Her fear comes to pass when a room is pitched into darkness and the strange sound of a spinning wheel is the omen of death. Cleek finds himself at the center of a confounding whodunit. Will this be the mystery that finally pushes him over the edge?

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The Riddle of the Spinning Wheel

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