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Basic Semiconductor Devices - ebook/pdf
Basic Semiconductor Devices - ebook/pdf
Autor: Liczba stron: 45
Wydawca: Self Publishing Język publikacji: Angielski
ISBN: 978-83-272-4119-1 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> naukowe i akademickie >> inżynieria i technika
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The aim of this book is to provide the Reader with the information on the most elementary but frequently applied semiconductor devices. The operation of every device is described without referring to complex mathematical formula and derivations. Instead, the concise descriptions outlining the most important facts and conclusions are presented together with a number of schematic drawings and tables.

The authors believe that this book can be a valuable reference for both laymen who would like to acquire some minimum knowledge on semiconductor devices and professionals (especially students) as a revision or summary material. It must be, however, underlined that the presented information cannot substitute the in-depth study of the subject.

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Basic Semiconductor Devices

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