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Freeride - What Every Skier Dreams About - ebook/pdf
Freeride - What Every Skier Dreams About - ebook/pdf
Autor: , Liczba stron: 152
Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Język publikacji: Angielski
ISBN: 978-83-63017-16-3 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> poradniki >> gry, zabawy, sport
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Off-piste skiing is the ultimate goal for many skiers in the development of skiing skills. In the book 'Freeride - what every skier dreams about' you will find a detailed description of the off-piste techniques, the similarities and differences between off-piste and on-piste skiing, avalanche safety rules and you will learn how, where and when to go off-piste to make it a wonderful and safe experience.

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andrew Pesheck simon tasch freeride what every skier dreams about i © Copyright by Ltd, 2011 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic, mechanical or other means, without the written permission of the publisher. All forms of exercise may pose some risks, and before beginning any exercise or training programme, consult your physician. Editor and photographer: Andrew Pesheck Professional’s insights: Simon Tasch Layout: ISBN: 978-83-63017-16-3 Special thanks to ESF CHAMONIX (Ecole du Ski Français) the largest ski school in France, to its boss - Martine Chevalier and to Denis Paul Leroy (the wonderful alpine guide, ski instructor and privately, a rock singer and novel writer) for exploring with us the amazing region of Chamonix. (the mountain guides from Chamonix stick to the custom of skiing in the cap on their heads, we strongly recommend the use of helmets) we thank the Faction company from Verbier for providing us with their skis for the photo sessions 2 ////// Contents About the Authors ................................................................ 6 1. Freeride – easy or For experts only? 8 2. avalanChe danger .............................. 14 how to reduce the risk of cAusing An AvAlAnche And being buried in one how to reAct while being swept AwAy by An AvAlAnche And how to sAve those AlreAdy buried 3. oFF-piste teChnique ............................ 44 chAnging the ground chAnges A lot/everything new look At bAlAnce/weight distribution speed is your friend cAlm, pAtience And long movements 4. Key elements oF the teChnique .........70 skis’ „plAtform” silhouette rhythm up And down motion poles And shoulders short vs. long-rAdius turn ////// 3 5. oFF-piste teChnique depending on terrain ............................................. 108 steeps trees couloirs 6. exerCises to prepare For „soFt rebounding” and other teChniques ..........................118 7. tips ..................................................... 134 where to look for „powder” how to stArt your Adventure with powder – „5 steps” how to rise to A higher level - „5 steps” for for beginners intermediAtes 8. so let’s get started … ..................... 150 bibliography ..........................................151 4 ////// ////// 5 About the Authors: Andrew Pesheck Editor and photographEr I have been skiing for more than 20 years, as long as I can remember really. I have always liked skiing on the edges - the appearance of carving skis is like the fulfilment of unarticulated dreams. Besides skiing I am very passionate about cars and motor racing; I participate as an amateur in many conferences and training sessions perfecting sports driving techniques. 6 ////// Simon Tasch profEssional’s insights Mountain sports, mostly skiing, and for several years also cycling, these are my life’s passion. I have been dedicated to skiing since early childhood, for a number of years I was a member of the national alpine skiing team. For several years now, I have specialized in freeride, or extreme off-piste skiing. ////// 7 freeride easy or for experts only i 8 ///// Freeride wąsko w wymiarze poprzecznym ////// 9 freeride While watching a skier floating softly in waist-deep powdery snow, whether live in the mountains or in a movie, each one of us thinks to himself - ‚I wish I could do that’. Yet, despite the growing number of off-piste skiers in recent years, compared to on-piste skiing, this skiing division remains exclusive to a small niche of expert skiers. 10 ///// Freeride Certainly, a significant barrier lies in the restricted availability of suitable terrain and specialised equipment needed (wide skis and above all, avalanche safety gear, together with the competence to use it). However, we believe that it is mainly a psychological barrier, which gets in the way, or even makes it impossible for many on-piste skiers to go further or rather more bravely off the trail. ////// 11 freeride Practically, every decently good on-piste skier has an „off-piste episode” sometime in his skiing career - he is either drawn by the beauty of untouched powder snow right by the trail, or so much fresh powder has fallen over night that a trail effectively transforms into „off- piste” terrain. 12 ///// Freeride Unfortunately, in virtually 100 of cases, this first episode is greatly disappointing - fresh, deep powder turns out to be a very inhospitable setting and your „great on-piste abilities” are completely useless in those new conditions. No wonder that you typically react in the most natural way by „escaping” - either going back on the trail or taking a day off on the grounds of the pistes being unprepared. Only a few of us humbly swallow the bitter taste of defeat, go into details of the off-piste technique (or hire an instructor), change for much wider skis and... ... become complete novices of off-piste skiing. And after just a few days you spend much more time off rather than on piste, doing it with an endless pleasure. Our book has been created for those who have not tried yet, are still hesitating or have seemingly given up, to help them successfully take up the challenge; and for those who have already gone off piste, to help them rise to a higher level. ////// 13 freeride avalanche danger 14 ///// zagrożenie lawinowe 14 ///// avalanChe danger ////// 15 ////// 15 Avalanche danger Skiing off piste involves the avalanche risk and this is a real danger. Dozens of people die in avalanches every year, and despite the development of avalanche prevention and warning systems as well as avalanche rescue techniques, those tragic statistics have not improved. 16 ///// zagrożenie lawinowe 16 ///// avalanChe danger ////// 17 ////// 17 Avalanche danger Avalanches are a natural event, a powerful force usually underestimated by amateurs. If you become aware of a few facts about avalanches, namely that: • if, let us say, a 30 centimetre-thick layer of snow gathered from an area of 1000 square metres (it is only 100 metres by 10 metres) moves, in the form of an avalanche, into an area of 100 square metres, it will create a heap of compact snow approximately 3 metres deep and 400 kg/cubic metre dense, • and on its way it moves at a speed of a few dozen up to over a hundred kilometres per hour. perhaps it becomes clear how powerful a force you may face and that being swept away and buried by an avalanche may be and often is a very tragic experience. 18 ///// zagrożenie lawinowe 18 ///// avalanChe danger ////// 19 ////// 19 Avalanche danger It is estimated that about two thirds of such tragic incidents are caused by bravado and ignorance, that is the lack of basic knowledge on the avalanche danger, rules of conduct in an avalanche-sensitive area and how to react when an avalanche happens. For this reason we would like to start with some basic information on the avalanche danger. How to reduce the risk of causing an avalanche and being buried in one Given that 9 out of 10 avalanches are provoked by their victims or somebody from a party, it is crucial to know how to evaluate the avalanche hazard. The avalanche phenomenon still has not been explained with regards to a physicochemical model of their initiation; however, the information that we already have together with observations are enough to considerably lower the avalanche risk for us skiers. This increased risk may concern an entire vast region or may be only local, i.e. with a low avalanche risk in the region, it is still much higher in shaded places (low temperature) or places with large quantities of freshly drifted snow (wind). 20 ///// zagrożenie lawinowe 20 ///// avalanChe danger Avalanches are obviously effects of snowfalls, but not only. There are other meteorological factors that have impact on their initiation, that is temperature and wind. The worst combination for us skiers, that is favourable conditions for avalanches to arise are: • heavy snowfalls • low temperature • strong wind. All of those factors combined, or even independently (e.g. strong wind moving large loads of snow) increase the avalanche risk considerably. ////// 21 ////// 21 Avalanche danger The most dangerous and frequent (3/4 of all avalanches) are slab avalanches, which occur when there is a thin layer of slab (particular kind of hoar frost) created in between other layers. The formation of snow layers of different attributes is triggered by a large temperature difference: bottom layers are being warmed up by the heat of the ground and surface layers, by contrast, are being „frozen” from above, which usually takes place at persistent low air temperature. The thinner a particular layer of snow is, the greater is the effect of formation of snow layers with different attributes, especially at low air temperatures. In such conditions, an avalanche formation process may take many days or even weeks from the last snowfall. 22 ///// zagrożenie lawinowe 22 ///// avalanChe danger
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Freeride - What Every Skier Dreams About

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