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Girls  Whims - ebook/pdf
Girls Whims - ebook/pdf
Autor: Liczba stron: 100
Wydawca: Self Publishing Język publikacji: Angielski
ISBN: 978-83-272-3266-3 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> poradniki >> zdrowie
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As humans we are all affected by limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and dare I say it – self-pity. Women
seem to suffer more than men from these negative emotions. We procrastinate. We day-dream.
We make sacrifices. The book aims to dispel such notions as “I know nothing about finance”, “I am
the victim” and “I not able to...” and to instead inspire self-confidence, assertiveness and a sense of
security so that women can reach their potential.

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Masks I like soft-boiled eggs. Now I know. Not scrambled with ham like my father, not stuffed like my partner, not sunny- side- up like my best friend. You probably know this story. Although Iʼm not a runaway bride, Iʼve adopted the tastes and habits of others in the past, put a mask on, to adapt and endear myself to them. In business, friendships, and even among those closest to me, I acted, pretended to be someone else, someone better, afraid that I wouldnʼt be accepted if I showed my true face. As the years went by, I no longer recognized where my “imagined version” ended, and where my true self began. What I liked and chose myself because thatʼs the way I felt, and when I acted. The borders between pretending and being myself blurred more and more, while I was feeling rising internal stress and the urge to rebel against something that I had imposed upon myself. As a mature woman I decided to take the masks off. To show my true face and risk being rejected and unaccepted. By overcoming the barrier of fear I was able to reject the internal control, the fear of being revealed and discovered talents I had no idea existed. I began to get to know myself once again, discover the pleasures and features, which when combined created me. The unique me, the worthy and interesting me, the one who doesnʼt have to pretend or act. Sometimes, I still put a mask on for a moment, but fully conscious of who I really am inside. Paradoxically, itʼs easier for me to face life without pretending. Paradoxically, when I took off the masks, I gained the acceptance of others. Stereotypes Iʼll tell you a story... One upon a time There lived a girl with her parents. A girl just like you and me. Always fed with what was proper, what she was expected to do, how she should live. A girl observing her close ones, adopting their behaviors, values and beliefs. When she was six, she played house with dolls, tried to be attentive, modest and nice. When she tried to talk to her dad about more serious topics, he told her there was no need to trouble that pretty head of hers, that those issues were for men. When she was 14, she felt like a little woman. She eagerly helped her mother out with the cooking and cleaning, she took care of her younger brother, she spent her allowance on “girlsʼ stuff”, because she wanted to look pretty for the boys, just like other teenage girls. When she was a twenty-something year old woman, the girl had found a job paid well below her worth. Pressed by the community, she began to look for a husband, to start a family and give birth to another girl... Another girl trapped in the male-female divide, in stereotypes. Once upon a time… letʼs write this story over, in a different way. Negative Emotions Eva appeared at my door unannounced. She came inside and gushed a flow of words without pausing. With the speed of a machine gun, she was throwing out all her grief and resentment. Anger, bitterness, and finally rage - all those emotions built up inside her exploded in my living room. After an hour and a half, when the tension had died down, I was finally able to ask what it was about. All of the emotions that had been building up for years began to come out in order. Being a model partner and mother, hiding behind good manners, being nice and always satisfied. It was like a pipe under sink, which explodes when itʼs clogged up, releasing everything it has accumulated. In Evaʼs case the lack of regular venting, which would have allowed herself to demonstrate negative emotions, to have bad days, led to an accumulation and explosion, fights with her partner, harsh words with her child, arguments with her mother. Evaʼs long years of pretending lost its meaning in a single day. The cumulated problems and negative emotions destroyed the delicately crafted ideal world, which didnʼt really exist. Eva didnʼt allow herself bad days. She had lost her self - integrity. It led to an emotional explosion – the pipe burst. I worked with Eva for the next few weeks, taught her to free her emotions, both the good and bad. She tried to solve her prevailing problems, even if it meant tears, anger, or even some harsh words. The entire family benefited from the change in Evaʼs behavior, and in this case, my plumbing services were no longer needed. Loneliness Angie has two majors with distinctions. Her body is the envy of all her friends, her job lets her live above the national average, but she has something else – an enormous sense of loneliness. She seems to live among people, goes out with her friends, wants to start a relationship with someone, but her fear of getting hurt and inability to trust prevent her from getting close to anyone. Her loneliness is a state of mind. The protection of her own fragile World and the values, which she fails to find in others. The demands, she sets for herself, while retreating and withdrawing. The loneliness of the thousands of sensitive souls begging for love. Her loneliness is the silence - she prevents anyone from interrupting. Her loneliness is a scream, which she is too afraid to release. The People in the Mirror During my life, Iʼve met many people that I felt as though Iʼve known for years. After a 20-minute chat, I felt like we had a lot in common - , same tastes, same qualities. We laughed at the same things, we respected the same values, we had the same approach to problems. But by the second or third meeting, I noticed that in some situations these people seemed to irritate me. I had no idea how I could click so well with someone and yet how much those same people could drive me out of my mind by their behavior. One day, as I was watching a couple of kids playing in front of a window, mimicking each other, I realized that life is exactly like that. Maybe not in play, but in actions, in traits. People are our reflections. We subconsciously search for those who are similar to us in certain aspects, and stay away from those who show our bad sides. When we avoid those people who show us our negative features like a mirror, weʼre not really avoiding those people, but rather a confrontation with ourselves. Continuing this train of thought, I started analyzing who around me irritates me, and why. And so I discovered my irrational stubbornness, withdrawal, tendency to avoid difficult subjects, lack of persistence and consistency. It allowed me to see that we meet such people on purpose, in order to learn and improve ourselves, because as much as I see myself in others, they see themselves in me. Know-It-All I know. Iʼm being a know-it-all. Iʼm acting as if I have all the answers, as if Iʼve lived several long lives, as if I was an old woman with enormous lifeʼ experience. Iʼm being clever when I speak and when I write., Even my thoughts are being clever. Iʼm irritating, bigheaded and repetitive. But I have an excuse. For I have a single goal: for you to live life to the fullest, be more happy, to reach your full potential, to not go through things on your own. Please, discard the form, and focus on the substance. Maybe Iʼm being a know-it-all, but Iʼm someone, who treats you like her best friend and wishes you nothing but the best. Decisions Something happened 16 years ago. It created one of my lifeʼs mottos. I had a problem. At the time, it seemed to be insurmountable - a dead end. I analyzed, I had dozens of conversations, and I still couldnʼt decide what to do, which path to take. Time passed, and I worried, and considered all potential options... And then a friend of mine told me something very wise: “The time before a decision is lost, youʼre standing still, considering the pros and cons, you relive the problem in your mind, instead of doing something. Make a decision. Even if it doesnʼt turn out to be the best decision, it will let you move forward. Even if itʼs wrong – it will be YOUR decision. It will allow you to take control of your life. If you donʼt, someone will do it for you…” The decision I made back then completely changed my life, and made me aware that itʼs not so hard, that I can control my own path, that I can choose my direction, and what consequences I can expect… I encourage you to make one conscious decision today. A decision which will immediately change or improve your life! It doesnʼt matter if itʼs big or small, as long as itʼs a decision… Do something that you have been putting off for a while, something you will always do “later”… and feel glad that itʼs finally over. Our future begins when we make a decision, so I wish you the best one possible. A Personal Mission Camillaʼs inspiration was her grandma, a biologist, a woman she admired and respected, a woman who lived her life with a passion, completely fulfilled, fostering her talents. Camilla often asked her grandma about her secret to life. She wondered how she was able to bring together so many everyday issues, and still be able to live life to the fullest. Grandma said: “Each of us has a purpose in life. A mission, something important to do. A reason for being, in a given place, at a given time. And itʼs up to us to we discover this purpose. Will we find our talented SELF, and let it blossom, or will we fight, swim upstream, and scream: ʻI donʼt want to see, I donʼt want to seeʼ?! You too have a purpose, Cammie. A purpose which gives you drive and motivation. A purpose, which once discovered, will make you an inspiration to others, will let you see the meaning of your actions, swim with your own stream. I know, you have to go to work, do housework, cook, watch a TV series, and do dozens of other things... Of course, you donʼt have to search. You can pretend you donʼt need it, that itʼs all just a whim, that itʼs all okay the way it is, that you donʼt have the time, that you have to... that itʼs too late, that your life is meaningless, that thatʼs just the way it is, that you never gave yourself an opportunity... but, do you want to let that happen?” The Most Important One to You Maggie had a wonderful husband, a son, who was the apple of her eye, and an apartment she liked to call her little kingdom. Each day, she supported and listened to her husband, kept the house, and devoted every free moment to her child. The only missing piece was herself. In two years, she transformed from a vibrant, happy woman into a bitter and malicious person. When I met her, I noticed her lack of internal energy, and a certain burnout. We sat down, and she started to tell me about her life. During an hour, she didnʼt once mention herself, her free time or needs. Everything was focused on the home and family. When I asked her about time for herself, she sadly replied that she had none... Happy people spread happiness and joy around, frustrated people spread frustration. I asked Maggie, what she wanted to share with her close ones. In her devotion, she had lost a part of herself, something she could give to others, to recharge her batteries. She became an empty pitcher, unable to pour, devoid of internal happiness, which she could and wanted to share. We started by figuring out what she liked to do, and when could she could find time to do it. After two weeks, Maggie told me about the transformation in her home. Her husband, surprised at first, happily accepted the changes, when he saw Maggieʼs radiance. A month later, I saw her in a coffeehouse with friends. She had a new hairstyle, was laughing carelessly, once again a fulfilled, happy woman. She understood that she was one of those important to her. Sense of Security I grew up quickly. I entered life unaware of its rules. Since I crossed over the adulthood barrier, I chased a sense of security, and it kept getting away. I didnʼt get it from university diplomas, my own apartment, burdened with a loan, an investment fund that plummeted, the dream job, which became redundant. I also failed to find a sense of security in people, in a partner, with whom I split, in a friend, who let me down, or other friends, who had their own lives. The fragility of human relations made me aware of how big an illusion it was to form my sense of security on the foundation of the outside world. The faith that someday I could lean on someone or something and finally feel confident, turned out to be naive. I reached a true sense of security when I found it inside myself. It happened at some development classes, where I was told that the only guarantee is my internal confidence. My faith is actually created by my awareness that I will always manage, proven by my experiences, and the tests I passed in life. No matter what problems I encounter, I will solve them. This is my sense of security. Repeating Homework Cathy hated being alone. As far as I can recall, she was always in some relationship. Each guy was the man of her dreams, and each guy ended the same, - as an ex. The next relationship was preceded by streams of tears, a broken heart, a bottle of red wine, and no more than 7 days. I lost track of the number and names of Cathyʼs loves. Unfinished, repeating homework. Have you ever had that feeling of déjà vu, as if youʼve gone through a given situation already? And once more it turned out like the previous time. Why does this happen to me again? Why do people treat me this way? The recurring incident situations in relationships, at work, among friends, the tripping over the same patterns, result from unfinished homework, from something a given situation is supposed to teach you. If you canʼt see the meaning of the homework, and fail to draw conclusions, meaning that you wonʼt change the rules, the way of perceiving, reacting, it will come back to you. Like a failed test at school. Cathy still didnʼt do her homework. And her love lows will continue, as long as she refuses to her true self.
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Girls Whims

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