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Happy Pollyooly - ebook/epub
Happy Pollyooly - ebook/epub
Autor: Liczba stron:
Wydawca: Język publikacji: polski
ISBN: 9788381489638 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> dla dzieci i młodzieży
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„Happy Pollyooly: The Rich Little Poor Girl” is a bride story. Jepson continues the story of his twelve year-old heroine, Mary Bride, known as Pollyooly. She is still acting as housekeeper to the Honorable John Ruffin, keeping his rooms spotlessly clean and grilling his bacon to the right turn. John Ruffin gets a windfall that enables him to take a seaside holiday. He takes Pollyooly and her brother along with him. Twice in the course of the story she is called to act the part of Lady Marion Ricksborough, the little peeress whom she so remarkably resembles, and in the second instance is instrumental in effecting a reconciliation between the duke and duchess, Lady Marion’s father and mother.

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Happy Pollyooly

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