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Options - ebook/epub
Autor: Liczba stron: 202
Wydawca: Ventigo Media Język publikacji: polski
ISBN: 9788381626392 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> romans
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O. Henry is the pen name of American writer William Sydney Porter (1862-1910). Porters 400 short stories are known for their wit, wordplay, characterization and the clever use of twist endings. He needs no introduction of course; the man who made the short story with the surprise ending famous. These 16 stories are all wonderful examples of his word sculpting art. They include: The Rose of Dixie, The Third Ingredient, The Hiding of Black Bill, Schools and Schools, Thimble, Thimble, Supply and Demand, Buried Treasure, To Him Who Waits, He Also Serves, The Moment of Victory, The Head-Hunter, A Poor Rule and others. O. Henry has a very unique and amusing style, with a dry sense of humor running through all the stories. Originally published in 1897, this early work is a fascinating novel of the period and still an interesting read today.

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