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Taste the spirit - ebook/epub
Taste the spirit - ebook/epub
Autor: Liczba stron: 266
Wydawca: Wydawnictwo e-bookowo Język publikacji: polski
ISBN: 978-83-7859-281-5 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> obyczajowe
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Remarkable, touchingly sincere and true book. I read it in one breath, quoting various passages to my teenage son. I would recommend it to parents and their children, to the old and to the young, the big and the small. Let the grain increase, building a new consciousness and responsibility for the world in which we live.
Justyna Steczkowska


The mind is your biggest dream making machine:
7 Vital ways to become successful in whatever you are doing:
1. Visualization:
2. Drawing out and planning:
3. I don’t tell anyone that doesn’t need to know my plans:
4. Surround yourself with successful people:
5. Travel:
6. Listen:
8. Karma vs. Dharma
Education shouldn’t start at University and University should start in kinder garden:
Learning tools:
How to start traveling:
The story of my life:
The story of Buddha:
The ashram by the river Ganga:
Fasting and cleansing:
India my Love
The little hitchhiker, the Parasite:
The Magic cancer Pill:
The Gerson diet:
The Bakery:
Tree Planting, it’s no tree hugging job:
Film school:
The Big Apple:
Viva Le Whole Food:
The fall of India:
Bonjour France:
Organic Food VS Commercially Grown Food:
Fair Trade:
Becoming a Vegetarian:
Having a relationship with your food:
Beauty Recipes:
Skin scrubs and masks:
Oatmeal scrub:
Natural deodorant:
White clay/Green clay:
Avocado mask:
Lightening cucumber mask:
Cocoa butter:
Turmeric yogurt mask for acne prone skin:
The best cream – organic plain yogurt.
Dry brushing the body:
Virgin cold pressed olive oil for the body:
Cold showers to stay young and firm:
Natural Hair treatments:
Henna - the god’s gift to all hair:
Horse tail rinse:
Stinging nettle
Dandelion leaves:
Almond oil treatment:
Olive oil treatment:
Coconut oil:
Apple cider rinse:
Food for the face and the body:
Greek yogurt body and face massage:
Aloe vera:
Don’t diet unless you want to be miserable:
Mono diets and cleanses:
Fruit mono diet: 5-10 days
Greens mono diet: 10 days
Water melon diet: 6 days
Green juice cleanse: 3 days
Celery juice cleanse: 3 days
The root mono diet: 10 days
Pumpkin mono diet: 5days
Japanese cleanse: 15 days
Wheat berries cleanse: 5 days
Water fast: 1- 12 days
The green Manhattan smoothie:
The Hawaiian power drink:
The chocolate lover smoothie:
Fresh coconut milk
Fresh almond milk:
Sesame protein shakes:
Brazilian nut coffee
Morning Glory Porridge.
Coconut Dream Porridge:
Sahara Millet Porridge:
Tibetan Red Rice Banana Porridge
Whole wheat Russian crepes: 5 thick pancakes
Prune sauce for porridge:
Cooked wheat berries with honey:
Fried croutons!
Broccoli soup:
Carrot, sweet potato ginger soup.
Black lentil soup:
Potato leek soup:
Split pea mint soup:
French onion soup:
Oriental salad with peanut and ginger sauce:
Garson salad:
Beet salad:
Cold Greek salad with whole wheat pasta:
Raw tomatoes dressing:
Hot goat cheese salad:
Polish onion tomato salad:
Vegan plum cake:
Pears in brown sugar and port:
Gerson baked apples:
Vegan cinnamon sultan cake:
Vegan chocolate cake:
Raw cashew custard cream:
Ginger vegan cookies:
Wild berry vegan crumbles:
Chocolate buckwheat pudding:
Raw banana peach ice cream with toasted almonds:
Vegan brown rice pudding:
Jams and chutneys:
Artisan plum jam without sugar:
Strawberry jam:
Ginger cherry jam:
Strawberry compote:
Pear compote:
Blueberry compote:
Raspberry/ blackberry compote:
Rhubarb compote:
Wild rose petal jam:
Blue berry jam:
Pickled beets:
Preserved mushrooms:
Pickled French beans:
Pickled Polish pickles:
The last seed:

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Taste the spirit

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