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The Battle of Life. A Love Story - ebook/epub
The Battle of Life. A Love Story - ebook/epub
Autor: Liczba stron: 98
Wydawca: Ventigo Media Język publikacji: polski
ISBN: 9788381765978 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> dla dzieci i młodzieży >> literatura przygodowa
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While The Battle of Life is one of Charles Dickens Christmas Books his annual release of a story just before Christmas this one breaks the tradition by not being concerned with Christmas. Rather, its subtitle, A Love Story, reveals more of the plot. The setting is an English village that stands on the site of a historic battle. Some characters refer to the battle as a metaphor for the struggles of life, hence the title. This novel basically depicts the battles one faces in life and winning them. Grace and Marion are sisters, saying goodbye to their childhood friend, Alfred, who has just come of age after growing up as a ward to the girls father, Dr. Jeddler. Alfred promises to come back someday to marry Marion when he has finished medical school and made his fortune. The years pass, but their happy plans take a sorrowful turn, and it will take all their courage to survive the battle of life...

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The Battle of Life. A Love Story

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