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The Glimpses of the Moon - ebook/epub
The Glimpses of the Moon - ebook/epub
Autor: Liczba stron:
Wydawca: Język publikacji: polski
ISBN: 9788382007596 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> romans
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Set in the 1920s, „Glimpses of the Moon” details the romantic misadventures of Nick Lansing and Susy Branch, a couple with the right connections but not much in the way of funds. They are in love and decide to marry, but realize their chances of happiness are slim without the wealth and society that their more privileged friends take for granted. Nick and Susy agree to separate when either encounters a more eligible proposition. Their conditional marriage begins to falter as Susy grows jealous of her husband’s attentions to a wealthy young woman and Nick becomes increasingly disgruntled by the moral compromises arising from his wife’s social negotiations. An expertly drawn portrait of two young lovers, caught between bright-eyed passion and the bitter allure of wealth.

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The Glimpses of the Moon

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