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Przewodnik Euro know how - wersja angielska - ebook/pdf
Przewodnik Euro know how - wersja angielska - ebook/pdf
Autor: Liczba stron: 138
Wydawca: Destino Communications Język publikacji: Angielski
ISBN: 978-8-39-3499-01-4 Data wydania:
Kategoria: ebooki >> przewodniki >> podróże
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Discover Polish Host Cities during the European Football Championship 2012 with „Euro Know How – A Guidebook to Euro and More”!

'We can do it and we are proud of it!', 'We are proud of what we are creating!', 'Because there are people who are worth being admired!' – these are the mottos underlying the creation of the Euro Know How guidebook – a lifestyle album about the four Polish host cities where the matches will take place during the European Football Championship in June 2012, i.e.: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań and Wrocław. Euro Know How is a guidebook to the style of life of the Polish people who travel, create, have ambitions to achieve something in their lives and believe that „they can”. It is a book about places that Polish people are proud of and that they want to show to the others.

The Euro Know How guidebook was inspired by an idea that football supporters wish to see and experience something more than just football emotions. The guidebook is meant to be an album that will be kept for long, that will make people visiting Poland interested by the country’s culture, cuisine and the Polish lifestyle. The guidebook features among the others: cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, as well as fashion boutiques, concept stores and art galleries – grouped by districts, streets or “zones”.

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EURO KNOW HOW Warszawa Poznań Wrocław Gdańsk A Guidebook to Euro and More! ebook version people Open Like it! Success Know ART I adore Saska Kępa in Warsaw – it’s magic, green, and filled with peace, even though it lies in the heart of the capital. The world rushes but there are places which prove that not everything flies by along with fashion trends – like my favorite Między Nami Cafe which is always crowded both at lunch time and in the evenings. There are also places, like Charlotte. Bread and Wine, that don’t make me miss too much the noisy squares, the wine and the smell of fresh-baked bread in the Mediterranean countries. Stary Browar in Poznañ was rewarded as the best shopping mall in Europe and in the world. I haven’t done my shopping there yet but its architecture and the concept of bringing the art and business together seems absolutely delightful. You may not only let yourself enjoy shopping there but you can just go out to the cafes or visit one of the exhibitions. In Wrocław – a city of meetings – there are plenty of student pubs and clubs, but there is also one of the most luxurious hotels in Poland. Having champagne in the panoramic sky bar La Terazza in the Monopol hotel make you marvel at the beauty of the Main Market with its city hall, unique on the world scale. I love Gdañsk because of the breeze of holidays, even in our cold months. And because of the amazing beaches, sea-gulls and artistic approach to the world. Those were the people of Gdañsk who showed so much sensitivity to change the grey, communistic block of flats into an art gallery. One of them can be seen in Zaspa district. Poland is not just limited to Warsaw, Poznañ, Wrocław and Gdañsk – the host cities of European Football Championship in our country. Cities where we will take you for a guided tour with our EURO KNOW HOW guidebook. Poland means the Mazury Lakes sinking in green, it means the town of Zakopane that sits just by the footsteps of the Tatra mountains. It means pierogi (Polish dumplings), oscypki (smoked cheese made in Tatra mountains) and best vodka in the world. Poland means also us – the Polish people, those from metropolis and villages. I admire how active Polish people are. I am proud of how many new places are being created, of interesting initiatives and creative people around me. I have a feeling that the average Pole is not optimistic, doesn’t get up every morning with a big smile. However, I am lucky to meet people with energy and dreams, people who dare to live – and that is the greatest art of all. I hope you meet that kind of people while discovering Poland together with the EURO KNOW HOW guidebook. Paulina Grabara Editor-in-chief EURO KNOW HOW Editorial / 2 EURO KNOW HOW CONTRIBUTORS Editor-in-chief Creative Director: Paulina Grabara Graphic Design Art Director: Piotr Szałowski Editors: Paulina Grabara, Marta Krupińska, Ewa Kwiatkowska, Małgorzata Białobrzycka, Anna Matyjewicz, Kamila Belczyk, Agnieszka Zygmunt, Justyna Kosmala, Agnieszka Lichnerowicz, Lidia Pańków, Maciej Potyra Advertising: Paulina Harembska Special thanks to: InStyle, Men’s Health, Take Me, TRENDY Art of Living and Photos: Piotr Szałowski, Tomasz Monkiewicz, M. Cieszewski dla MPWiK w m. st. Warszawie SA, Adam Weł- nicki, Adrian Krawczyk, Marcin Zaguła, Robby Cyron Van Dorsen, Robert Parzychowski, Guglielmo Losio, Allie Hylton, Angelina Hanke, William Stadler, Martin Walls, Angel Norris, Robert Linder, Billy Alexander, Ilker, Marcos Fiat, Rimkaitis, Lotus Head, Katarzyna Szmorąg, I.Weiss (spektakl „Czekając na Godota”) Proof-read: Paulina Harembska English Language Partner: Skrivanek Sp. z o. o. Publisher: Destino Communications Paulina Grabara ul. Marynin 25B/15, 01-469 Warszawa © 2012 Destino Communications Paulina Grabara ISBN: EAN-13_9788393499007 Contributors / 3 Contributors / 3 CITY INFORMATION WARSAW: City’s Official Website: City Fan Page: YouTube: City Photo Portal: Twitter:!/warszawa POZNAŃ: City’s Official Website: City Fan Page: YouTube: Come Enjoy Blogs: City Photo Portal: WROCŁAW: City’s Official Website: City Fan Page: YouTube: Twitter: GDAŃSK: City’s Official Website: City Fan Page: YouTube: Twitter: Google+: Photo Service: City Information / 4 City Information / 4 WARSAW POZNAŃ FOOTBALL STADIuM POZNAN WARSZAWA - NATIONAL STADIuM WARSAW Maps / 5 WROCŁAW GDAŃSK FOOTBALL STADIuM WROCLAW FOOTBALL STADIuM GDANSK Maps / 6 CONTENTS WARSZAWA Warsaw / 9 Warsaw / 9 The greatest advantages of Warsaw are its disa- dvantages. There is no clear-cut centre, three pre- stigious streets instead of just one main street (and they – Krakowskie Przedmieście, ul. Mokotowska, and ul. Francuska – are a long distance from one another), ugly buildings neighbouring with regular and extraordinary ones (BUW, vitkAc fashion ho- use, Metropolitan), monuments destroyed during WWII or due to neglect and human stupidity (the former seat of ING Bank Śląski at ul. Złota). Warsaw is nothing like other European capitals where the centre has been where it should be for centuries. Nothing changes in places like that and tourists instinctively feel what is attractive and what is not. It is not so easy to learn more about Warsaw and like the city. It has established its reputation on constant change. It is now slowly spreading and reaching towards the Vistula river, cutting across the city, which it used to ignore. The streets are also rapidly being renovated and made suitable for both walking and driving through. Warsaw has an ambition – to undergo a complete metamorphosis. Its citizens see its potential and appreciate it. In the past, Warsaw citizens constantly complained that their city was atrocious and unfit for living there. They justified its „beauty” with the war and commu- nism. Now they have finally got to developing the city instead of moaning. It is thanks to their effort that shops like GaliLu, Horn More, Blind Concept Store, and Likus Concept Store were created, as well as restaurants like 12 Stolików, Charlotte, and R20. Interesting events take place daily in Powiśle, Syreni Śpiew, Nowy Wspaniały Świat, Fabryka Trzciny, ul. Miñska, ul. Mokotowska, ul. Koszykowa, and ul. Ząbkowska... In the air, there is this peculiar atmosphere which used to pervade Berlin two de- cades ago and was its greatest attraction. Piotr Zachara Editor-in-chief of “InStyle” Warsaw / 10 Warsaw / 10 I p WARSAW! Beata SadowSka: a journalist and a TV presenter. She loves jogging. She has made it to the finishing line of nine marathons (namely in: Tokyo, New York, Venice, Paris, and Amsterdam). She likes to go places where no one will look for her and travelling to the end of the world. And then she likes to go back to her beloved Warsaw. „why do you love warsaw so?” „Because it’s mine. And because it changes without losing its spirit. Also, for the magical Praga areas, the marble stairways in damaged tenement buildings, and for shrines on yards. For hanging frames to hang from, head down. For the first marathon I completed here. For allowing me to run along the Vistula, along a re- markable running track ending on the Praga side of Most Grota-Roweckiego, next to the Copernicus Science Centre on the opposite side of the river; and in Las Kabacki and Młociny district. For the green parks and the ever-char- ming Saska Kępa.” ”do you have a favourite cafe?” ”Cafe corner in the new Red Onion in ul. Szpitalna. Wooden table, kitchen- ware pretending to be lamps, and excellent lunch menu and sweets – cho- sen by the owner or made by her. Delight itself! Kawiarnia Francuska 30: my favourite place where I can take my dog to business meetings. Momo will always get a bowl of water there, and sometimes even a croissant. I myself never say “no” to latte with soy milk or green tea with lemon grass. Charlotte: no other place with such wonderful baguettes and bread in Warsaw!” “More and more concept stores are being created in the city. are there any you favour particularly?” Horn More – the owners, Adam and Adam, have excellent taste, a feel for style, and nose for trends. They have lingerie which you would rather expose and show to others than hide, jewellery which is a must have and Mariage Frères tea which I adore. This is the sexiest place in all Warsaw. GaliLu – I can’t imagine myself smelling differently. This place appeals to the senses. Delightful perfumes, oils, aromas, and candles. Careful, you can lose yourself in them!” Warsaw / 11 anna dereSzowSka: Singer, theatre and movie actress. She has just released her debut album „You won’t forget me any more” („Już nie zapomnisz mnie”). Born in Mikołów, she settled in Warsaw where she lives with her partner – actor, Piotr Grabowski, and their daughter, Lena. – when you hear: „warsaw”, you think... My home, my slippers and my comfy bed, not one in a hotel room. – where do you go when you want to spend some time with your daughter? do you have your favourite cafe that was created with kids in mind? Many restaurants and cafes nowadays have a kid’s corner, as well as crayons, blocks and toys. Lena is a gourmet, the things she likes best is sushi at the Sakana restaurant (the chefs there are always ready to prepare a special meal on request of the youngest ones), coconut Thai soup, mussels. Hence, it’s quite hard for us to go to places created with a view to little children’s average preferences. – and who takes care of your hair? do you have a favourite hair salon? “My one and only” is the „Bagatela”. They use excellent hair pro- ducts, the atmosphere is very pleasant there; on the walls they exhibit paintings for sale. And on top of that – the salon is ma- naged by one of the most talented young hair stylists, Tyberiusz Marciniszyn, who indulges my hair, and is a great man, too. Warsaw / 12 MUST SEE! SASKA KęPA This district of Warsaw is truly extraordi- nary as it is like a town in its own right, full of atmospheric cafes and buildings dating back to the period of the Second World War. Every street here is unique, inviting you to admire its remarkable attractions. Park Skaryszewski is an important venue in the district – in 2009 it occupied the third place in the competition aimed at fin- ding the prettiest park in all Europe. If you are looking for a place to practise sports – look no further. The district becomes the film capital in summer. PAŁAC KuLTuRY I NAuKI Palace of Culture and Science, Plac Defilad 1, This is the first thing one associates with Warsaw. It used to be considered an unwanted gift from the Soviets but now it has come to be known as one of the most characteristic structures in Poland. It sports over 3000 rooms ho- using screening halls cinema, museums, libraries, and theatres. Also, numerous concerts have been organised here – Sala Kongresowa has hosted such prominent artists as: Marlena Dietrich, Bruce Springsteen and Woody Allen. The observation deck on the thirtieth floor enables you to see the whole of Warsaw in excellent perspective. STARE MIASTO Surrounded by numerous restaurants and cafes. Places to visit in the Old Town include: Castle Square, the Royal Castle, and Sigismund’s Column, numerous churches, and Saint John Cathedral. The old town was completely destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in the 1950s and, today, it is once more vibrant with life. It is mentioned in the UNESCO world heritage list as a wonder- ful example of complete reconstruction. SYRENKA WARSZAWSKA A symbol of Warsaw erected over the Vistula in 1939. The monument depicts half-woman half-fish holding a sword above her head and protecting herself with a shield. The legend of the Warsaw Siren says that this is a woman who, having been saved from captivity by a young fisherman’s son, swore to pro- tect the city for all time. Warsaw / 13 CENTRuM NAuKI KOPERNIK ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20 Adults and children alike can come here to learn more about physical, chemical, and biological phenomena and disco- ver that history and archaeology can be interesting. Everyone can be a scientist here! Conduct experiments and design a robot of your own. The planetarium is another attraction – go there to admire displays of the night sky. ŁAZIENKI KRóLEWSKIE This palace-and-park complex was created in line with the principles of the classical style at the beginning of the 18th century, at the initiative of Stanisław August Poniatowski, the last King of Poland. It is a perfect for a walk with your family and you can enjoy feeding the squirrels and ducks. The most famous part of Łazienki Królewskie is Amfiteatr – a summer flo- ating theatre where the open-air Chopin concerts are also definitely worth a while. PLAC ZBAWICIELA It used to be a part of the garden of the royal residence in Ujazdów, hence its characteristic star-like layout. Recently, young people have made it one of their favourite meeting places: for a cup of coffee during the day and glass of wine in the evening. MuZEuM POWSTANIA WARSZAWSKIEGO ul. Grzybowska 79 Modern, multimedia, and interactive – this is what this museum is like. It do- cuments the 63 days during which the citizens of Warsaw emerged to battle the occupier. It was opened in 2004, on the 60th anniversary of the commencement of fighting in Warsaw. This place expres- ses the admiration of the Polish people for those who gave their lives for a free Poland and its capital. The museum presents to the visitor an account of the days directly preceding the Warsaw Uprising and the stages of the struggle itself, ending with the participants of the uprising leaving Warsaw and continuing to live in Communist Poland. One of the attractions is a replica of the Liberator plane – the Allies used it to deploy food and weapons for the fighting citizens. Warsaw / 14
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Przewodnik Euro know how - wersja angielska

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